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What we offer:

Home Inspections


Thinking about purchasing a new home? Before you sign the contract let one of our professionals provide you will a complete home inspection.

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Mold Assessments & Remediation Protocols


Has your home been impacted by water damage? Maybe you feel that mold is present but can't seem to find it. Call us today!

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HVAC Duct Cleaning


When we talk about indoor air quality, it would be wise to say that your HVAC  system plays a major role. A contaminated air duct system can be the main source for indoor air quality problems

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Other services

Infared Thermography



Thermal photography will bring more thorough and in-depth inspections with what cannot be seen with the naked eye. The thermal imaging camera inspection can document dangerous electrical hot spots or the presence of moisture which can lead to harmful mold.

Allergen Testing



Allergen testing is a specialized type of test that will detect high levels of commonly known allergens. Clients with a sudden decline in health may need this test performed to detect if there are allergen related problems. Examples that cause any number of symptoms such as:

· Asthma

· Coughing

· Eye Irritation

· Flu-like Symptoms

· Headaches

· Respiratory

· Sneezing

· Stuffy Nose

Odor Control



Odors can be very difficult to eliminate. Odors can be released from chemicals, cigarette smoke, fires, or rotting material. The source must be identified and completely removed before odor control procedures take place. Our certified odor control technicians have the knowledge and latest technology to remove the most complex odors.

Citrus IAQ & Home Inspections

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Citrus IAQ & Home Inspections

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